Door Lever on Rose Handle

Fitting Instructions


1. Mark out centre hole A, then fixing holes B at 38mm
    centres using a bradawl.
2. Using a 20mm diameter bit, drill centre hole A at the
    centre location.
      i. For bolt-through fixings, use a 5mm diameter
         bit and drill fixing holes B1 and B2 at 38mm
         centres as shown.
     ii. For face fixings, drill pilot holes B to a depth of
       5mm using a 2mm diameter drill bit.
3. Insert the spindle into one of the levers and securely
    fix the grub screw, ensuring enough spindle is free
    to pass through the door and to be secured in the
    opposing lever.
4. Place the lever onto the door so the spindle passes
    through the latch/lock follower and line up the holes
    on the rose with those pre-drilled in the door.
5. Place the second lever onto the opposite side of the
      i. For bolt-through fixings, use both bolts and
         evenly hand tighten so each lever is secured
         firmly against the surface of the door.
     ii. For face fixings, evenly hand tighten up the
         four screws on one side of the door before
         moving onto the opposite side.
6. Tighten up the grub screw on opposite lever and
    recheck all fixings are secure. If the levers do not
    operate freely, check alignment of all components.
7. Place and screw on both outer rose covers.
    Bolt-Through Drilling