Guide to BS EN 1935:2002 - Digit 2

Guide to BS EN1935:2002

BS EN 1935:2002 is the European standard specifying requirements for single-axis hinges for windows and doors opening in one direction only, whose rotation axis is no more than 30mm from the face of the sash or door. It covers both fixed pin and lift-off hinges, and contains additional requirements for hinges intended for use on fire doors.

Digit 2 - Durability: 3 Grades are identified according to the number of test cycles achieved:
Grade 3: 10,000 Cycles, for light duty hinges on windows only
Grade 4: 25,000 Cycles, for light duty hinges on windows and doors
Grade 7: 200,000 Cycles,for medium, heavy and severe duty hinges on doors only